Grant FAQ

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These FAQs will answer basic questions for prospective applicants; general questions may be directed to the Council at 303.866.9763 or use this link to send us an email. The Council uses the Colorado Vendor Self Service Website, to post our funding opportunities. Use this link to access their website. Questions about specific funding opportunities must be directed to the Colorado Department of Human Services' Procurement Office at 303-866-6111.

+ Why does the Council fund projects?
+ What kinds of ideas or projects is the Council interested in funding?
+ When does the Council make funding available and who is eligible to apply?
+ What is the average award for projects?
+ What is the length of time of awards and contracts are renewed?
+ How will my organization be notified of upcoming funding availability?
+ When will my organization be notified if we've received an award?
+ My organization is applying for a competitive grant. Can I contact Council members and/or staff on how to write my proposal for funding?
+ If my organization is awarded a Purchase Order or Contract, how do we get paid?
+ If my organization is awarded a Purchase Order or Contract, do we have programmatic reports to complete?
+ How long does my organization have to keep project records after the end of Council Funding?
+ Can I submit a proposal or idea for the Council to fund outside of the competitive process?