Council Resources

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Council Member Resources

Use this page to access resources pertinent to the Council and how we accomplish our work.

General Council Member Resources

Council Member Resources from the Information and Technical Assistance Center for Councils on Developmental Disabilities

Federal and State Legislation

Developmental Disabilities Bill of Rights and Assistance Act the Council's enabling legislation

Colorado Revised Statutes, 27-10.5-201 ,established the DD Council in Colorado and outlines services for people living with developmental disabilities. 

Colorado Open Meetings Law , provides guidance to the Council on how to ensure that Council business is conducted transparently.

Operational Policies

Council By-laws provide guidance on Council operations

Council Member Conflict of Interest Form assuring the Council Members do not benefit from their participation

Emergent Issues Policy, establishing when and how Council Members and staff should respond to emergent issues

Flowchart illustrating how the Council responds to an Emergent Issue

Interpretation and Translation , defines the process by which the Council supports the communication needs of people whose first language is other than English

Memorandum of Understanding between the Council and it's Designated State Agency, the CO Department of Human Services

Office and Meeting Space describes the Council's commitment to ensuring that office and meeting space is accessible to all

Social Media Policydescribes how the Council will use social media to accomplish the goals of our current Five Year Plan

Travel Policy Addendum clarifies the travel policy for Council members

Travel Advances, provides guidance on when Council members may obtain cash advances for Council-related travel