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Save the ADA! Oppose H.R. 620

H.R. 620, the inaptly named "ADA Education And Reform Act Of 2017," would weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a critical source of rights for people with disabilities to architectural access in public accommodations-that is, businesses such as stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. Use this link  to learn more and take action!

Oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Join people with disabilities, our families, and advocates around the country on Monday, December 18th, for a national call-in day to oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). 

The Senate and House have each passed versions of the TCJA. We expect a final version of the bill this Friday or next Monday and expect voting in the House and Senate to start early next week. 

Senators and Representatives are feeling the heat, and we need another huge push to STOP this bill! WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO STOP THIS #TaxOnDisability

To learn more visit this Facebook event and sign up to participate. National Call in Day for the Tax Bill